Japan Newspaper articles (2016-2019)

1) Places to Explore and Discover in the Must-Visit District of Ueno

2) Where to Go and What to Do in the Paradise of Matsumoto

3) Discover the World of Writers in Ryusen, Tokyo’s Hidden District

​4) Welcome to Shibamata, Home to the Classic Comedy, “Otoko wa Tsurai yo!”

​5) 10 Fantastic Spots for a Photographer on Tokyo’s Sumida River

6) Discover the Wonders of Nagano on the Road to Zenkoji Temple

7) Walking the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Your Gateway to Odaiba

8)  Best Ways to Discover the Japanese Country Music Scene

​9) Gunma’s Daruma dolls 

10) Mountain Shrines of Gunma

11) Yamagata's Yamadera Temple

12) Kita-Sendai  Date Masamune Temples

13) Story of the 47 Ronin in Tokyo

14) Ancient Fishing in Japan

15) 4 Must-Visit Spots in Historic Gifu

16) Hakone, Where Diversity and Beauty Await!

17) Castle Town of Odawara in Kanagawa

18) Eihei-ji – a Temple in the middle of Cedar

19) Inokashira Zoo – a zoo within a park

​20) Hiraizumi : Pure Land Buddhism and Tohoku Pride

​21) Enoshima – a dating spot and so much more

​22) Classic shrines of Chiba 

​23) Noh Theater Workshop in Tokyo

​24) Okutama : A Trip Into Tokyo’s Untapped Forests

25) University sightseeing

​26) Amazing Matcha and Tea Shops of Tokyo

​27) Matcha, the answer to life’s busy times

​28) Katsuyama – meditation without the crowds

​29) Japan: A Tale of Two Teas

30) Japan Wildlife Spotting

31) Tokyo’s Best Natural Parks and Garden

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