Japanese Poetry 

These poetry collections have a strongly Tanka and Haiku style to them, incorporating traditional Japanese themes with a modern, western twist. Focusing primarily on themes off nature and love, these poems represent some of Mark's newest work. 

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The World Through Animal Eyes

Hard to define and hopelessly intangible, nature evokes the most primordial emotions in us all; and why not, after all we share this world with millions upon millions of species of plants and animals.  Nature uplifts the senses, illustrating the diversity of life. Through the ‘animal portraiture’ images in this book, Mark gives character to nature's diversity, emphasising human qualities and expressions within each animal – giving them personalities that match our own. This book will start you on a path – one that hopefully you will always journey on.

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Tales from the Zoo

This poetry collection, reflects Mark Williams early work, and combines simple verse with colourful images of nature and tapestry art. Additionally, each section of the collection contains interesting facts linking the featured animals with the poetry section they represent. 

Cornflakes News and other poems

A follow up to Tales from the Zoo, the poems focus more on the ‘human’ animal.

Looking Into The Fire

Looking Into The Fire is an insightful collection of poems, songs and prose, reflecting the dichotomy of the human experience through a prism of reflection and love. Using simple language and colourful imagery Looking Into The Fire takes the reader on a deceptively simple journey into a deceitfully complex world that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Delving into the essence of human emotions within the context of the everyday, Williams’ writing makes us question our society and provides an insight into those things we sometimes ignore or find hard to express.

“When the dark she comes a-callin’ and the light has disappeared, When that solemn lamentation adds salt water to your tears, When the world it seems too weighty and the bird song now is weak, Seek a comfort in this message... hear the voice inside which speaks.”

Edward : Screenplay

“War makes devils of us all.” But what happens to these devils when they come back to live amongst us? Who cares for these living dead, attempting to make sense of civilization once more? EDWARD, a dark, explorative play by Mark Williams examines these very issues.

Set in suburbia, but never far from the jungle, we journey with Edward, a man desperate to be accepted, trying to connect with the civilized world after a 3 year deployment in Africa. Scared and confused, intelligent and caring, violent and brutal, we accompany Edward as he deals with the conflict within him. His path, like that of Ulysses, puts him in contact with numerous modern-day soothsayers... each has a story to tell and a message to give. So discover the rules of a civilized life though the eyes of a fallen angel in EDWARD


Wandering Southwards

One of Mark Williams’s most accomplished and definite collections – containing “Ethnic” - the winner of the 2013 Word Adelaide Festival open poetry competition.

“To some, poetry is a complex medium, one whose secrets are best left to the educated and intellectual. To others, poetry is simply a form of song-writing; a form whose meaning should be easily understood. Wandering Southwards falls for the most part into this second category, combining song and poem, to give flow and spirit to the words on the page.

Poems in this collection convey a message that is both entertaining and thought provoking, exploring the many facets of the human experience – love, hate, peace and turmoil, with a special chapter devoted to the storytellers of old."