SALA Exhibition “Life in the Wild” : Hindmarsh Library (2013)  

Featuring bird and animal life primarily from Africa and Central Asia, this second journey into “animal portraiture” consisted of 15 exquisite A2 sized framed images. Interest in this exhibition was very strong, with a launch that had over 45 people attending (numbers had to be limited due to venue size). This launch included a 40 minute talk by the artist where he outlined various photographical techniques used to take the pictures, as well as interesting stories about the animals and adventures he encountered along the way.

SALA Exhibition “Life in OZ” : Cleland National Park Visitor Centre (2013)  

Life in OZ.JPEG (could you put this picture here)   Featuring Australian bird and animal life, this journey into “animal portraiture” consisted of 10 exquisite A2 sized framed images  and was extensively promoted through numerous state government authorities, as well as being recommended by the SALA review guide as being quirky and interesting.

SALA (South Australian Living Arts) Festival is a state-wide festival of Visual Art within South Australia.. SALA is now a well established national and international arts event.